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Anxiety Therapy

Your Anxiety Therapist in Miami, and, Kendall FL

In normal, healthy doses, anxiety is your brain’s way of helping you be careful and on your guard in potentially dangerous situations. For some individuals, however, this helpful impulse becomes an overwhelming feeling of dread or even terror that inhibits normal, perfectly safe activities.

At Lata Sonpal, Ph.D. FCHT., P. A.'s practice, those suffering from persistent anxieties and worries can find effective treatment with Dr. Sonpal in Miami , Florida.

Symptoms of Anxiety Issues

Feelings of anxiety, whether they come from a diagnosable anxiety disorder or not, can manifest themselves in different ways for different individuals. You may experience any combination of the following:

  • Excessive anxiety and worry
  • Concentration problems
  • Indecisiveness or second-guessing of decisions
  • Irritability
  • Tense Muscles
  • Difficulties with sleep 

Whether you have noticed patterns of anxiety in your life or you wish to be assessed to determine whether or not you have an anxiety issue, Dr. Sonpal can help. Anxiety generally responds well to psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, leading to overcoming stress and tension. 

Potential Treatments for Anxiety

The right approach to combat persistent anxiety depends on your symptoms and your response to previous treatments, as well as your diagnosis. In most cases, the foundation of anxiety treatment is psychotherapy. At Dr. Sonpal's practice, she can train you to deal with anxiety symptoms on your own. 

Appointments With  LATA SONPAL PHD. FCHT., P.A.

Since the early 1980s, Dr. Sonpal has been helping patients understand and address a range of psychological issues, including anxiety. Her methods include well-established approaches such as client-centered therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, as well as regression and progression therapy.

Dr. Sonpal prides herself on working with each client, individually, to create a personalized treatment plan to help them recognize and manage anxiety and related conditions. You can reach Dr. Sonpal through The Form Submission on Contact page or by calling 305-271-2747